Between the Sheets: Condom Houdini

Many condoms do not feel “good” but the cons of unprotected sex might be worth reconsidering. I am all about safe sex.

Not all condoms are created equal! As a vegan, of course, I recommend vegan condoms. The best brands I have found are Glyde and Sir Richards. I would recommend them even if I was not vegan. They are not like Trojan or other common brands. Which feel icky, smell funny, and taste TERRIBLE. Both brands feel like they are not there unlike the more common brands which take so much sensation away. I discovered them two years ago when looking for cruelty-free options for sexy time. I HATED the idea of condoms before finding these two brands.

Because these condoms are almost completely tasteless and the taste is neutral doing this is not gross at all. It is so worth the pleasure a partner receives from it!

With your seductive eyes, look at your lover and slowly open the condom pack with your mouth. Place the tip of the condom in your mouth and suck gently. While having your “come f$%^ me” eyes on him…. slowly roll the condom on his phallus with your mouth.



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