Archivable Quotes: Love Your Clit

These are my thoughts on this amazing little find. Clitoral orgasms do not serve conception, and are not obtained through sexual intercourse. Clitoral orgasms serve physical health, and pleasure, and are obtained through specific clitoric stimulus. Orgasms enhanced by intense sexual fantasies and a capable and compatible partner, increase oxytocin release the most. Say… Continue reading Archivable Quotes: Love Your Clit

Dating Sans Arduousness: Safe Sex and Condoms

Safe sex and condoms. This conversation happens a scary amount of times! I am all about safe sex. Sadly, some people missed the entire point sex ED class. Funny enough, I have not participated in any sex education classes. The whole concept of safe sex is not that hard. No degree in biology or anatomy required.… Continue reading Dating Sans Arduousness: Safe Sex and Condoms

Friends with Benefits: Attachments and Expectations

Expectations and attachments are buzz words with so many fantasies attached to them. It is important to lay the ground work of expectations and attachments in the first part of this series. This two concepts will and do come up often in FWB. First let’s start with “non-attachment.” My annoyance and distrain towards for the… Continue reading Friends with Benefits: Attachments and Expectations

Friends with Benefits: Introduction

Welcome to my friends with benefits series. This is a hot topic I discuss often with people and it is really frustrating to me to deal with the fantasies around it. Unhealthy unconscious relating patterns occur at higher rates within FWB that cause serious psyche damage that are difficult to de-bug and reprogram. It is… Continue reading Friends with Benefits: Introduction

To Mono or Not?

{ Written in Oct 2016. Revised a little and moved to my new blog. Total ramble on my struggles with relationships, what I witness that bothers me and my journey with figuring out what I wanted in a relationship. } The million dollar question in 21st-century American dating and relationships…. “To mono or not?” Granted… Continue reading To Mono or Not?

Conscious Uncoupling: Commit to Someone Who Makes a Good Ex {Plus Musings} I LOVE this blog post so much! “That made me think about how we might choose long-term partners in these times when we all live so long and there is a good chance we won’t be with our partners for our whole lives. I also thought about what a waste it is when, after… Continue reading Conscious Uncoupling: Commit to Someone Who Makes a Good Ex {Plus Musings}